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Uzarin gel 75 ml, medical product

Kompleksowa likwidacja obrzęków i siniaków

  • Łagodzenie objawów urazów – stłuczeń, skręceń
  • Łagodzenie podrażnień skóry po ukąszeniach owadów
  • Łagodzenie podrażnień skóry po oparzeniach pierwszego stopnia


The medical product Uzarin gel 75 ml is intended for topical use on
unbroken skin to relieve symptoms associated with injuries –
bruises or sprains, with swelling, redness,
bloody run (bruise). Uzarin gel 75 ml also soothes irritations
skin after first degree burns and insect bites.


The main operation of the medical product Uzarin gel 75 ml is based on the physics –
chemical properties of aluminum acetate tartrate. Additionally, the presence of lifts
arnica and marigold have a positive effect on the condition and appearance of the skin.

Usage method: 

Medical product Uzarin gel 75 ml should be applied to clean and dry skin in an amount depending on the severity of the injury or irritation. Use 3-4 times a day, covering the skin with a thin layer of gel. Wash hands after use. Do not use the medical product for more than 3-5 days. Do not use the medical product Uzarin gel 75 ml under an occlusive dressing.

Contraindications for use: 

• Allergic to the ingredients of the preparation.
• Do not use on wounds and damaged skin with tissue disruption.
• Do not use in children under 3 years of age.