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VENO Therapy gel

Veno Therapy gel
with horse chestnut extract 75g

A medical product for external use, a new alternative to treating pain and swelling in the legs.

  • for aching and heavy legs
  • with post-injury hematomas
  • natural composition formula

Intended use:

Treatment, alleviation and prevention of symptoms associated with impaired blood microcirculation in the legs and leg swelling (the so-called feeling of heavy legs). Also recommended for post-injury hematomas.


Veno Therapy gel with horse chestnut extract 75g is based on natural substances of plant origin, including essential oils. The unique properties of the gel are achieved by the appropriate chemical composition, which determines effective physical properties. The appropriate consistency and viscosity of the gel provide effective massage of the sore spot, giving a feeling of muscle relaxation. The presence of natural synergistic substances supports the effect.

Directions for use:

Rub the gel several times a day, applying about 2-3 cm of the gel to your hand at a time. Massage the gel in until the first signs of absorption. It is advantageous to perform the procedure alternately with circular and reciprocating movements.

Use for a few more days after symptoms disappear.

Note: when massaging the lower legs it is advantageous to make sliding movements from the bottom up, thus activating the venous valves.

Special warnings:

Do not use on wounds with skin breakage. In case of persistent symptoms and no improvement or worsening of symptoms, consult a doctor.